Ducci Electrical & Safety

Training – We ensure that all of our employees receive the most current safety information and training available. The goal is to continuously raise the bar and evolve along with new advances in this area.

Teamwork – A successful project is a safe project. We approach safety much the same way we do construction in general – with the belief that a team-oriented focus is crucial. Our entire project management team consistently assesses and actively monitors every job to prevent accidents and unsafe conditions.

Top-Down Incentive Plan – The tremendous value that we place on safety is an integral part of our corporate identity and culture, and one that we instill in all of our employees – from the top down. Thus, we believe in rewarding those employees whose behavior demonstrates a shared appreciation for, and commitment to, our safety goals. We review all job safety records (including pre-task planning, job hazard analyses, incidents, near misses, property damage, etc.) on a monthly basis and implement results-based employee incentive plans to encourage safety on all of our projects.

Safety Objectives:
  • An ultimate goal of all employees returning home in the same condition in which they came to work that morning.
  • Zero Incidents through a culture that emphasizes and values safe behavior.
  • Site specific safety programs, with attention to the particular risks associated with each individual project.
  • Increase employee morale through their active involvement in Pre –Task Planning (PTP's) and Job Hazard Analyses (JHA's.)
  • Maintain a safe work environment that continues to give us a competitive edge in our industry.
  • Utilize the Safety Committee and maintain open communication of safety concerns between field personnel and management.
  • Perform frequent audits and updates to the safety program.
  • Continue to acknowledge employees at all levels who exhibit exemplary attitudes and safety practices.